Sanatorium Zelenyi Gai

Dederkoy village, PO Box 673., Tuapse district, Krasnodar region, 352814

About sanatorium

The Zelenyi Gai Health Resort is located on the Black Sea coast in Tuapse resort zone.

Tuapse was first mentioned in the chronicles dating back to the 4th century B.C. The town was founded by Greeks, but then changed hands multiple times. Mild, stable subtropical climate and convenient location make this place so attractive to visitors.

Its unique climate conditions created by several factors:

spurs of the Caucasus mountains protect the area from cold winds, proximity of Black Sea makes the temperature mild and pleasant, the air is full of oxygen and biologically active substances called phytoncides.

Tuapse enjoys an abundance of sunny weather from April till October. In the beginning of May the sea is already warming up and in the middle of summer the water temperature reaches 28 degrees. The swimming season lasts until the first days of October. Throughout the swimming season, resort’s private beach and its amenities are at full disposal of our guests.

The local bioclimate has an undeniable healing power.

Even after a short 10-15 days stay in the resort zone of Tuapse, one begins to experience its rejuvenating effect and the feeling of wellbeing. The so-called “climatic treatment” is one of the reasons that make the Black Sea resorts so popular.

The resort consists of three main buildings, several cottages, medical complex, sport facilities, children’s playground, swimming pool with water rides, glass house and a small zoo. The resort has a free car park for guests and visitors.

Zelenyi Gai resort specializes in general rehabilitation services.

The resort offers not only classical therapy methods, but also unique curative baths: aromatic, antler, milk, bishofite, iodine-bromine, and even wine and beer baths. Feel free to enjoy the physical therapy, air cure, balneotherapy and speleotherapy.

A large part of the resort is occupied by a beautiful park with walking and hiking trails, and it is at your full disposal. A variety of unique natural and historical monuments can be found nearby. A large group of prehistorical dolmens is located right by the resort.

The hotel achieved 3 star rating.